Dynamic Mri

One of the main enemies of the MRI is represented by the movement; “…I recommend to stand still…”, “…please don’t move or we have to redo the exam…”. These are the typical phrases that each technician always repeat to the patient. “Investigation conditioned from motion artifacts”, frequent report incipit that refers to this problem. Yet today it’s finally possible to study the joints under dynamic conditions; attention, I’m not speaking about a “cine mri”, a series of rapidly recorded multiple images, taken at sequential cycles of time and displayed on a monitor in a dynamic movie display format. I am referring to a particular sequence that lets you to record the real dynamic movement of a joint segment. Well what’s the point of these? All those conditions in which static examination does not settle a diagnostic doubt.

The recent case of a motocross rider that six months after a displaced tibial fracture stabilization, start feeling an intense antero-lateral pain.

The dynamic Mri acquisition shows an evident osseus impingement between a bone fragment and the antero-lateral femoral condyle, with anterior meniscal horn dislocation.


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