A strange “calcific” mass

Be careful with everything seems to be “calcific” on your ultrasound examination; sensibility of the ultrasound scan with bone-like structures is 100% but what’s about specificity? …0%. Remember that something calcific can be anything – outcomes after haematoma, tumors, infections, accessory bones, loose bodies…. Ask always to yourself where the “calcific” structure is located: is intramuscular? is on the superficial layers? is near a bone, is intratendinous? When it appears: post-traumatic? Is it painful? Is it stable or fixed?

This is the case of an amateur football player that after a contusion on the lateral aspect of his leg, started to feel a mass, specially during physioterapic procedures. Ultrasound scan was his first examination.

Due to the continuity of the cortical fibular bone an exostosis was suspected; conventional radiography confirmed my first hipotesis. Still now x-rays remain irreplaceable in the study of musculoskeletal system. No osteochondral edema was seen on Mri exam.


Sagittal T2w mri scan (0.3 T) and lateral x-ray projection.

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