Patellar Tendon Degeneration

Following a recent question made by Kris on my article “How Much is Enough”, I want to show you an example of my daily routine in studying the patellar tendon pathology: I always combine Mri and Ultrasound imaging! Take a look at this late patellar tendon degeneration where the ultrasound scan better defines the presence of several calcifications, quite not visible on Mri acquisitions. Morover, with elastosonography study I can also appreciate the tendon stiffness. Distinguish early from late tendon disrepair/degeneration tendinopathy is crucial for planning the best treatment strategies.


Sagittal Ge Stir (left) – T1 weighted (right) Mri scans (0.3 Tesla) of a chronic proximal patellar tendon degeneration  of a professional football player.

Sagittal Dynamic Ultrasound Scan of the same patient performed in orthostasis; the tendon degeneration is located only at the proximal insertion.

1 Month After…. Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament (ATFL) Injury

Have you seen my recent post Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament (ATFL) Injury? In this new post you can see the changes of Mri and Ultrasound imaging after one month; it’s very important the monitoring with both modalities but…. don’t forget to consider also the evolution of clinical presentation and if possible, go on the playing field to directly see the real situation.


Axial T2 weighted an Fast Stir Mri scans (0.3 Tesla) 1 month after a complete rupture of the ATFL