Patellar Tendon Degeneration

Following a recent question made by Kris on my article “How Much is Enough”, I want to show you an example of my daily routine in studying the patellar tendon pathology: I always combine Mri and Ultrasound imaging! Take a look at this late patellar tendon degeneration where the ultrasound scan better defines the presence of several calcifications, quite not visible on Mri acquisitions. Morover, with elastosonography study I can also appreciate the tendon stiffness. Distinguish early from late tendon disrepair/degeneration tendinopathy is crucial for planning the best treatment strategies.


Sagittal Ge Stir (left) – T1 weighted (right) Mri scans (0.3 Tesla) of a chronic proximal patellar tendon degeneration  of a professional football player.

Sagittal Dynamic Ultrasound Scan of the same patient performed in orthostasis; the tendon degeneration is located only at the proximal insertion.

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