Calf Muscle Contusion

Professional football player; contusion of soleus muscle at its proximal third, produced by a direct trauma during a match;  interstitial edema and hemorrhage is evident.


Multiplanar T2w Mri imaging (0.3 Tesla) of a soleus high degree contusive injury.

Despite of their appearence, contusions tend to have a recovery time significantly shorter then undirect traumas. In this case the athlete never missed a match.

A recognized complication of muscular contusion is myositis ossificans, so it’s very important the ultrasound monitoring.

Intramuscular haematoma and oedema at the postero-medial aspects of the soleus muscle are depicted, with post-traumatic hypervascularity.

Always perform both Mri and dynamic ultrasound imaging for a better definition  of this kind of injury.

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