Lateral Soleus Intramuscular Aponeurosis Tear

Monitoring grade II strain injury of the right soleus muscle in a professional football player: it is evident complete strain injury of the lateral aponeurosis involving the middle third of the calf. 

The first examination was made three days after the trauma: 0.3 Tesla MRI

Twenty-eight days after the player is asymptomatic, but what’s about the real situation of the injury? According to recent scientific literature and practical experience, it’s known that a thermal asymmetry above 0,3ºC could show a potential risk of injury due to factors related to workload assimilation, biomechanics, tissue physiology, and nerve dysfunction.

Static and Dynamic Thermography Examination

The study is completed with dynamic B-mode and elastography ultrasound examinations, which show an incomplete scarring formation as expected four weeks after this kind of injury.

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