Meniscal Cyst

Today I want to show you the case of a patient that comes to me for an ultrasound examination of a palpable mass adjacent to the postero-medial compartment of the knee joint, with an history of a major knee inury five years before; the sonographic findings reveal a well defined cystic lesion and associated meniscal tear.

Always ask for an Mri investigation to better evaluate the real extent of the meniscal tear; don’t trust only ultrasound!

The Mri exam perfectly depicts the cyst and the meniscal complex tear with gross mucoid degeneration.


Coronal (left) and Axial (right) T2 weighted Mri scans (0.3 tesla).


Ge Stir (left) and T1 weighted sagittal Mri scans (0.3 tesla) of the same patient.


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